Pulselabz PL580 Studio Recording Microphone


Pulselabz PL580 Studio Recording Microphone

$59.99 $79.99

The Pulselabz PL 580 provides excellent recording quality is clear and crisp in normal speaking voice with no need to yell or raise your voice. A clear sound that perfectly suit tasks like podcasting or voiceovers, good performance with vocals, and even instruments.

PL580 Microphone Features:

• Headphone jack used to insert headphones

• Stereo mixing  knob used to control mixing

• Stereo music volume knob used to play music

• A recording mute switch to control recording and mute option

• USB port used to connect USB interface to the computer

Technical Parameters

Sound Head: 16mm

Capacitor Frequency Response: 30Hz - 20KHz

Directivity: Heart shaped pointing

Sensitivity: 25mV/Pa (-32 dB + - 2dB)

Power Supply: USB DC5V Power Supply

Pulselabz PL580 Studio Recording Microphone


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