Motion MS1 - Mesh Office Chair


Motion MS1 - Mesh Office Chair

$129.99 $149.99

The Motion MS1 Mesh Series Office chair is a great ergonomic solution with features such as height adjustment, backrest tilt, and most importantly, a breathable mesh that feels comfortable to the body through all seasons. 

Recommendation for Corporate clients:

The MS1 Mesh Series office chair is the most budget-friendly in our lineup of mesh chairs. The chair's tightly stitched mesh offers a universally comfortable yet ergonomically friendly back support evenly distributed across the back. For large purchases, this chair meets the majority of staff needs. We recommend purchasing small amounts of our higher-tier mesh chairs for those staff that need headrest support.

Motion MS1 - Mesh Office Chair

Color * White
Color * White

Industry-Leading Office Chairs

The MotionGrey Mesh Series MS1 Office Chair is the number one economical solution for your office space. It offers an ergonomic design featuring tight knit mesh that instantly responds to your body, movement, and posture to provide a natural balance with overall support. The breathable and temperature-neutral engineered mesh is designed to fit and adjust to the human form. Conforming to the body's movements, the Mesh Series MS1 office chair provides an even balance between pressure distribution and natural ergonomic alignment of the spine.

MS1 Mesh Series Office Chair Features:

  • Ergonomic back support
  • 5 cm thick seat base
  • PU coated arm rests
  • PU coated casters for ease of rolling on any surfaces
  • Height adjustment hydraulic piston can comfortably hold up to 120 kg

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