Mesh Series 2021 - High Back Office Chair - MotionGrey

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Mesh Series 2021 - High Back Office Chair

Mesh Series 2021 – High Back Office Chair

199.99 $

• Ergonomic neck and back design
• Height-adjustable neck support
• Adjustable lumbar rest for posture alignment
• Reinforced mesh backrest for breathability
• Adjustable cushioned PU coated armrests
• Rocking tilt and lock feature
• 6 cm thick seat rest
• PU coated casters for ease of rolling on any surfaces
• Height adjustment hydraulic piston can withstand weight up to 150 kg

The MotionGrey office series chair offers a sophisticated ergonomic design that instantly responds to your body, movement, and posture to provide a natural balance with overall support. The breathable and temperature-neutral engineered mesh is designed to fit and adjust to the human form. Conforming to the body's movements, the Motion series office chair provides an even balance between pressure distribution and natural ergonomic alignment of the spine.

Backrest height: 68cm
Backrest width: 57cm
Seat depth: 51cm
Seat width: 48cm
Seat cushion thickness: 7cm


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Christopher L.
A very Good chair But.....

I have been working from home since 2014. I've had my old chair for about 15 years. it's more an executive chair and the handles do not adjust up and down and I found myself always hiking my shoulders up and started developing neck issues. I have a removable ObusForm back support that is just perfect for me. I purchased this chair as a replacement because of the ajustable arms. The chair is relatively easy to asseble. the diagram could be a little bit clearer to understand specifically in indicating where the front of the seat bottom is. The other issue with the assembly is is that they apply blue lock tight to all the bolts. Different colors would make it much easier to identify which bolts go where and secondly placing the lock tight at the top of the bolt and not the end of the bolt would make the assembly much easier. We ended up stripping the head of the last bolt for the seat back and had to get a replacement. The materials is of qood quality. I do find the seat a tad slippery as someone mentioned but I think that will diminish over time. The amount of adjustablity is great. The arms go up and down and pivot in and out. The headrest adjust nicely as well. The seat back reclines nicely something my old chair did not do. Now here's my But... I found the lumbar support uncomfortable for me. I found the material to hard. Someone called it agressive. It adjust in and out and it does go up and down about 2 inches. But you have to really wiggle it to get it to move initially so for those of you who said it doesn't just wiggle a little harder. It took me 2 days to figure that out. So I do not use their lumbar and have put back my ObusForm as I just love the way it hugs and supports my back and I'm so use to it. Lumbar is a very personal thing that most chairs don't get right Delivery was quick Overall the chair is a very good buy.

Derrick P.
Chair is supportive and the seat is better than I expected

The chair is fantastic! Great purchase. Customer service was good. Had some shipping issues but it was fixed and I received my chair on time. Suggestion for the company: It would be better if we were able to see the billing and shipping address when you confirm/place the order. I placed the order and could not confirm the shipping address which created more work to fix.

Sergio M.
Overall great chair

Just got this chair for my home office (since we're all now working from home... pretty much), and I must say I'm overall satisfied with my purchase. Considering the price, I think it's a solid product. There are two things that I think could be improved... the cap covering the section where the chair main post joins the base (it's really cheap plastic), and the instructions manual. The parts included are not labeled at all (since the manual does reference part numbers), which leaves the user to guess which part is the one to use, and some steps are not depicted. This definitely needs work. Other than that, I'm enjoying the product. I do hope it lasts for a while.

Julian Y.
Disappointing; not great proportions, not fully ergonomic

motion gray stand up desks are great, but this is disappointing. The seat is far too large. I saw a review somewhere that it is too small. That person must be huge. I am 5’11 and the cushion reaches the back of my knees if I try to sit correctly. Problem is, I can’t really sit correctly as the chair is always in a semi reclined position. Yes I have the rear recline locked, but always it pushes me forwards and the angle of the back does not go to 90 degrees because of design shape. So your hips are pushed forwards and shoulders back. This isn’t great for being in an active work position. It might be ok for gaming or something but is not ergonomic for work, as it tilts my torso towards the ceiling. My screen is not well above me, but in line with my eyes. In fact, the top line that I read is a level with my eyes, so most of the screen is below eye level (this is what ergonomic principles suggest to do). So the chair points me up when my screen is more down. It just bends me around the lumbar support instead of also supporting my upper torso. Finally it doesn’t go very low. Like I said, I’m 5’11. My feet are flat on the floor with a 90 degree bend at my knees (as it should be) with the chair in its lowest position. this, combined with the huge seat, mean that there is no chance my partner can use this chair, as she is 5’4. This is the problem with buying a chair online I guess.

Benedict W.
Motion Grey HighBack Office Chair

The lumbar support is great for long working hours. When building the chair, the screws for combining the back to bottom was very difficult to screw in. Instruction page was a bit difficult to read as well. Otherwise, the chair is good

Stefan E.
Worth it!!

I really like this chair, I have had it for some weeks now and it provides me with adequate ergonomic back support and very comfortable. I encouraged my other family members to also purchase this chair, especially for us people that sit for extended periods of time this chair is a great option in my honest opinion. This chair is worth 5 stars and I don’t usually give five stars!

Michael C.
awesome service

great chair very comfortable

Frederick K.
Canada Canada
Great customer service

I would just like to say that, although I didn't end up receiving the chair from these guys since I was gifted one while I was waiting for mine to arrive. They made the return and refund process absolutely painless.