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Guardian Series Leather Chair

Guardian Series Leather Chair

394.99 $ CAD

The Guardian Series is our signature gaming chair series which offers an array of premium features.

– Steel frame construction
– High-density foam
– 3 directional cushioned armrest
– Height and backrest adjustment
– Tilt tension adjustment
– Included neck and lumbar pillows

Packaging Dimensions: 88x73x38 cm
Weight: 26 kg

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Includes 10 years manufacturer’s warranty


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black, red, white

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Damien M.
Canada Canada
No after sale service

No after sale service, i have been wating for 3 weeks and no answer.

Jean-Thomas C.
Canada Canada
Gaming chair

hello, a few days ago I sent you a message saying that my chair was scratched and I sent you pictures. I would like to have an answer from you as soon as possible. thank you

Pulselabz/MotionGrey Guardian Series Leather Chair ReviewPulselabz/MotionGrey Guardian Series Leather Chair ReviewPulselabz/MotionGrey Guardian Series Leather Chair Review
Damon H.
Canada Canada
Nice Chair - Literally Non-Existent Customer Service

I have a lot of mixed feelings with regards to my experiences with PulseLabz. They have a great product: It's stylish, comfortable, has great adjustability, and it's a Canadian company to boot. I waited a LONG time for the Guardian to be in stock (COVID related, no doubt), but I really wanted to support a Canadian company during the pandemic, I convinced myself it was worth the wait. When it finally arrived, and I started to put it together, I realised the chair was damaged. I'm not sure if it was during shipping, or horrendous quality control, but there was tears in the leather, and the plastic cover for the right hand hinge was completely broken off, with no way to reattach without modification. (I just left it off, but every time I see it, it bothers me). I reached out to PulseLabz support via Messenger, and send them photos of the damage. I was told they believe it happened during shipping, and I should forward my concerns and photos to their support email, and they will make it right. Fantastic! I followed their instructions. No reply for a week. I sent another message. They assured someone would get back to me shortly. I waited another week; same thing. I send another message. No reply. I sent a final message (via messenger, as that was the only place I've had a reply so far) letting them know I've done what they requested by sending the photos to their support, and I have had no reply. Guest what happened? They read the message, and didn't reply. Keep in mind all my requests for reply were cordial, and polite. It's worse than bad customer service. I would rather they have told me to go pound sand and it was a shipping issue, than lie and waste my time. When paying north of 400 bucks for a chair, the least the company can do is address a customer service complaint. Nevermind multiple requests over the course of a month. You are rolling the dice purchasing from this company. From my experience, if you need to contact them for anything, don't waste your time. Maybe seek a 3rd party seller that has their own customer service, as opposed to the gaping void that is PulseLabz support team. (but hey cool chair, 2 stars for that)

Brett M.
Canada Canada
Guardian chair owner for 15 monthes review

I do like this chair, but have my gripes So a few issues after owning this Chair since January 2019 1st - was the seat tilt - after using in the most locked in tilted rear spot for awhile, it gives way. Then you only have only position that will stay locked, as it will always pop out of lock on any other position. They replaced the first one, but I am to pay shipping for any further. Getting the damn old one off the cylinder is a whole other pain in the ***! The tilt will work for a few weeks until it gives way..replacement did the same..hence why she probably warned me I'd be paying freight on more replacements. 2nd - CREAKING! It creaks when rocking....sometimes its the mechanism depending on how the tension is adjusted and when leaned back a bit and rock back, heavy creaking out of upper part of chair where shoulders sit. really annoying. Ok when sitting at desk doing office work but when gaming and moving or chilling playing an rpg...I don't want to hear that. 3rd - Armrests are not symmetrical. For instance when both are slid back the farthest, in highest pos, my right one binds against the chair in the upright and the left one has a 1-2cm gap. minor but still I notice it 4th - Cylinder doesn't hold air, I will wake up and my chair has done down. Noticed this after about 12-13 monthes. 5th - I'm 6'3 and the chair is almost too head just catches the top of the head rest in an upright position. Laying back close to 180 degrees I am able to use it and the pillow alright though Things I like is the 180 degree back tilt where I can use the is comfortable. My body weight keep sit back when that far Currently with Covid-19 I am working at home and spend 8 hours working in it and another 4 gaming or dicking around. I don't get sore from the chair in these prolonged durations. The seat pan is wide and comfortable. I do wish the arm rest could go in and out a bit farther and that the cylinder raised me up another 2"s I'm taking two stars off because..the seat tilt and creaking issues.

Eric M.
Canada Canada
Super produit!

Super produit, semble super solide et durable. Livraison rapide, je recommande sans soucis!

Yvan C.
Canada Canada
Quite good but not excellent

Instructions very basic and don't talk about cushions. Material quality is good. But few design flaws: Lumbar support to thick. Both lumbar and head cushions don't stay in place. Head cushion strap loose so cushion falls off. My wife got the tip of her pinky squished under the arm rest while adjusting resulting in an abundant bleeding. But still proud I bought Canadian... made in China?

Frédéric B.
Canada Canada
Fast shipping and great product

Fast shipping and great product for the price !! Thanks

Canada Canada
Good gaming chair.

Pros : - Confortable and well made - multiple ajustements especially for arms rest - can move it easilly without noise Cons : - not well packed, there is some pression points on the back seat - come with missing scrues but Pulselabz sent me theese scrues - the seat of this chair is a little bit hard but overall it's ok for longtime seatting. Overall it's a good chair.