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MotionGrey is a Vancouver based company with the mission of providing an ergonomic solution to our everyday workspace. With sitting for prolonged periods becoming such a common practice, numerous studies have shown that health complications are directly connected to this bad habit.

Our team shared a common vision of creating a suitable and healthy alternative. After a development period of 6 months, the Motion Series standing desk was introduced in June of 2018. Whether you are a student, solo entrepreneur or a large size corporation, we welcome all clients and aim to solve your company’s unique needs.

Highlights from Brands and Companies

“These are great desks and handle different working positions/postures very well including standing work heights. The operating quality is very good. Smooth operation. No problems so for. Very happy with this service and with the knowledge of the sales representative from MotionGrey.”

President of Brickers

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Please use the contact form if you have any questions about our products. For commercial purposes and product detail questions, you can reach us at or contact us at +1 (778) 897-1387.

Phone: +1 (778) 897-1387.

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