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What do I do if my desk stops working?

It is extremely rare for our MotionGrey standing desks to have problems. In the case there is one, an error code will pop up on the MG1-Controller. The main circumstance that this occurs is when the table collides with an object during elevating/descending. To solve any error code, most of the time a simple factory reset needs to be done. This can be accomplished by either holding the up and down button together for 5 seconds, or the down button for 10 seconds (depending on which model you have), and waiting for the desk to go all the way to the bottom as it recalibrates the two legs.

What is the difference between the 2 segment and 3 segment table?

The core difference between the 2 Segment and 3 Segment model is that the 3 Segment legs contain 3 separate metal segments interconnected together where as the 2 Segment only has two individual metal segments interconnected. In practicality, the 3 Segment is able to go to a wider height range (60-125 cm) in comparison to the 2 Segment (70-110 cm).

How can I tell if a standing desk has dual motors?

Dual motors are the current standard for any premium standing desk company. It allows a higher weight capacity, faster vertical movement speed, and is aesthetically more pleasing to the eye with its simplistic design. You can tell if a standing desk is a dual motor frame or single motor by identifying if there is a center rod/axle. Single motor desks typically have an extra box between the two legs with a extending rod that connects to each leg for propulsion. Conversely, dual motor tables don’t require a center axle as each leg is individually propelled.

What is special about the MotionGrey standing desk?

Our team comes from an engineering and user experience background, with a mission to continually improve the usefulness and aesthetics of our products. We found from our research that the sturdiness of the frame was a huge consideration in customers, as most standing desks on the market become unsturdy at standing heights. To maintain the sleek, simplistic design that our users demand, while addressing the concern of sturdiness that challenge most standing desks, we came up with what is now the present 2020 version of our Motion Standing Desk Frame. Our frames have been reinforced with thickened steel tubing throughout the desk and reinforced base plates for the footers. The sheer weight of our 3 Segment table frame, at an astounding 70 lbs, speaks to the quality we put in every individual unit. Though heavy, this provides a sturdy and durable platform even when the desk is raised to the highest setting. Additional features of our desk include thickened cords and a practical USB charging port directly on our MG1-controller.

In the case a problem persists, what can we do?

It’s best to first test the desk by removing and reinstalling all the cords, shifting items to make sure the weight is not extremely uneven on each leg, as well as that the desk is being used within its design capacity. If the problem persists after a factory reset, the part with a problem must be identified through a series of test and then after a claim video has been sent, a replacement part will be shipped to you. The part will be free of charge but may require shipping fee.

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