MotionGrey TW80 Air True-Wireless Earphones


MotionGrey TW80 Air True-Wireless Earphones

$34.99 $48.98

Why choose MotionGrey Bluetooth Headset?MotionGrey has been dedicated to the production of Bluetooth audio devices for years and offers affordable and high-quality products. Say goodbye to the complicated pairing procedure of traditional Bluetooth headphones. MotionGrey's wireless earbuds bring you true wire-free life, is the right product for you.

• Intelligent noise reduction

• Bluetooth 5.0

• Either earbud can be used as a single mono headset - ideal for driving or when you want to stay aware of your environment.

• Play / Pause: touch once

• L ast / Next song: Double click on L / R

Search for "TW80" and you choose it, make the connection successfully. They are easy to connect as they are available for a connection whenever they are on unlike the traditional earbuds which you have to click the power button to have them ready for connection.

MotionGrey TW80 Air True-Wireless Earphones


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